Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions! If you still have any questions, please contact us via email (, phone (864-336-3235), or the contact form below.

No. While many teammates choose to attend together, camp is designed as an individual activity. No student will have an advantage or disadvantage in any activity as result of them attending or not attending with teammates. Year after year, students tell us that one of the best things about camp is the opportunity to make friends with quizbowlers across the country.
Because we use the same questions at all camps, campers who attend multiple sites may only participate in the competitive activities (practices and tournaments) at one site.
Absolutely. Our program changes yearly. We use new sets of questions (written exclusively for our camps) each summer, and we offer new classes every year. We have many campers who come to camp for three or four summers in a row.
All of our competition questions are commissioned exclusively for use at ACE camps. We hire the best writers and hold all of our questions to high standards of quality, accessibility, pyramidality and appropriateness.
While reliability is sometimes up in the air, typically we plan for wi-fi in the dorm and activities buildings.
Frankly, not a lot. Most of your day will be spent in organized sessions, either classes, practices or tournaments (for detailed information about the daily schedule, click here). That being said, there will be some time each day that you can spend in recreation. If they’re not studying, students play cards, Frisbee, etc
Absolutely, and a fair number of campers each year do. Insurance regulations prevent us from providing airport transfers directly, but we are happy to help campers find local transportation to/from camp. Contact us for more details.
Campers may register for camp at any time up until the first day of a particular camp. A registration is not "reserved" without a $200 deposit. Unreserved registrations are not guaranteed a spot at camp but will be accepted as space permits.
No, unfortunately we are unable to provide scholarship assistance at this time.